Within the last decade, new innovative ideas and technology have made their way into the packaging and labeling industry. We at Whitlam Group believe organizations can see beneficial results with custom packaging efforts. A lot of these innovative ideas have resulted in organizations gaining major profits, and Whitlam Group wants you to join them!
Late last year, there was an article titled “Decade of Designs” by Pauline Hammerback discussing some of the most innovative packaging designs that have made the biggest consumer influence. We’re going to touch on a few of them and how they have designed their packaging to help people with everyday problems. The Coca-Cola Fridge Pack swept the market in 2001. It’s almost odd to imagine the old “suitcase” style multi-packs. Alcoa is credited with creating and coming up with the innovative fridge packs, which they developed by reviewing ethnographic research. What they found is that people would take three or four cans of pop out of the pack, and put them in the fridge. Then they would store the “suitcase” style box in a separate area. This inspired Alcoa to come up with the 12-pack fridge packs, thereby giving consumers the ability to keep all their cans of pop cold in the fridge at one time.
The next product we’re going to discuss is the design Heinz came up with for their upside-down squeezable container. Heinz found that many people were upset with Heinz’s bottle for numerous reasons. The main reason was dried up ketchup residue on the top of the caps, but then there was not being able to get all the ketchup out of the bottle and the soupy red residue liquid that would always spurt out. So Heinz developed the ergonomically designed upside-down squeezable container. The bottle has a silicon feature which helps to cut-off flow through the bottle until the customer squeezes it. This greatly reduces the chance of left over ketchup residue on the cap of the bottle. Because the bottle stands on its head, the design greatly reduces the chance of squeezing out that soupy red liquid. This also helps to get every last drop of ketchup out of the bottle.
These are just a couple of the numerous designs that have hit the market in the last decade. Innovation and environmental friendly products are the growing trend with packaging products. Do you have a custom design idea? Need some help to make this an idea a reality? Whitlam Group will work with you to help get your custom design off the ground and running. Contact Whitlam Group today to learn how we can help.