Every once and a while, a product comes along that really stands out. For us, it’s our Evidence Bag label, which has been stealing the show at awards events for the past few months. The latest accolade given to our Evidence Bag label is the World Label Award’s first place prize in Class 22 Innovator category. We are very proud to be acknowledged as innovators in the label and packaging industry because we are always striving to create the very best products.

Evidence Bag Label

The Evidence Bag label previously won the Innovator Award in the North American Flexography Line/Non-Prime category at the Tag & Label Manufacturers Associations 2012 Annual Conference. Whitlam was awarded another first prize in the EDP category for our Blood Donor Instructions label at TLMI Conference as well.

The World Label Awards

The World Label Awards was originally formed as an informal way for the European (FINAT) and American (TLMI) label associations to challenge each other in an annual contest to see which association created the best products. Since then, it has expanded to include label associations from Australia, India, New Zealand and more.
The primary focus of the Awards competition has focused on the main printing and converting processes, but in 2002 other classes like wine labels, cosmetics, and more were added.
Again, we can’t say how grateful we are for the awards we have received. It truly is an honor to be part of such a great, engaging professional community.
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