labeling-101When getting started on your label project, use this list to guide you through the process, and ask yourself the following questions:

Label Performance

  • What does the label adhere to? (Plastic, metal, glass, corrugated, aluminum.)
  • What are the surface conditions? (Smooth, or textured, flat or curved, clean or oily.)
  • What environment will the label be exposed to?
  • At what temperature will the label products be applied?
  • Does the label need to be permanent or removable?
  • Is there any imprinting? (If imprinting, what method is being used?)
  • Does the label require any testing? (i.e. PPAP)

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Label Characteristics

  • Do you have a sample? (If yes, do you want us to match your sample?)
  • Do you have a blueprint? (If yes, please provide.)
  • What is the size of the label? (Do you want the exact size or is there a +/-?)
  • How many colors? (Spot color or CMYK?)
  • Material type? (paper, film, polyester, polypropylene, adhesive labels, etc.)
  • Is there a mandatory liner? (If yes, what is it?)
  • Does the label need lamination for protection? (Gloss, matte, etc.)
  • How is it being applied? (Machine or Hand-applied?)
  • Is there consecutive numbering?
  • Are there any barcodes? (If yes, what is the symbology?)
  • Any copy changes? (If yes, how many?)

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Finishing Requirements

  • Is it die-cut or butt cut?
  • What’s the “finishing style”?
  • How do you want your finished copy positioned?
  • What’s the Quantity per Roll or Stack?

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