Importance of a Couponcoupon

  1. Barcode, Databar
  2. Expiration
  3. Face Value
  4. Legal Copy
  5. Offer Code
  6. Instant Redeemable, Perforation, etc.
  7. Product Illustration
  8. Product Name & Logo
  9. Purchase Requirements
  10. Redemption Address
  11. Source Identification


Symbol using lines and spaces that represents a number and is more accurate and efficient than manually keying in the numbers.

  1. Barcodes used at the point of sale (POS) provide the purchase amount and helps validate or match the coupon promotion with the product scanned. (What is the value of the coupon? Did the consumer purchase what the coupon required?)
  2. Within the coupon processing industry: Direct the coupon to the paying manufacturer and this helps determine the amount retailers bill the manufacturer.

For more information on barcodes or to get a barcode for your next coupon promotion go to

Budgeting for Coupons

  • What can you expect to pay?
    • Face value of coupon – .40% off 1
    • $0.08 Handling fee
    • Miscellaneous fees – varies per retailer
    • Manufacturer’s Agent fees
    • Printing & Distribution fees
  • Budgeting – Forecasting
    • Coupon redemption factors
      • Method – FSI=0.52%
      • IRC=16.66%
      • Face Value

Getting Started: Coupon Checklist

  • Establish objectives for your coupon program
  • Partner with a Manufacturer’s Agent (if needed)
  • Determine the Face Value of the Coupon
  • Determine the number of consumers you want to redeem
  • Choose a method of distribution
  • Estimate the quantity of coupons distributed
  • Budgeting and Funding
  • Coupon Design – Create and develop
  • Create a barcode
  • Print & Distribute the coupon
  • Reimburse the retailer

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