Products + Applications

  • Specialty Medical Tags

    Whitlam creates custom-designed medical identification tags that enable first responders to quickly and accurately identify, record, and track the injured at the scene of an emergency.

  • Custom Tags

    Custom designed Product Identification tags for specialty apparel, gourmet food, lawn & garden products, industrial equipment & power tools, and many other markets.

  • Hang Tags

    Also referred to as a swing tag, coupon tag, hang ticket, or swing ticket. We offer all variations of the paperboard or plastic swinging tags that provide brand identity, eye-catching point-of-sales ticket, pricing information, and/or barcode details.

  • Permits + Passes

    We custom design each permit/pass to your specific needs. Applications include Park Passes, Event Passes, Government Tickets / Passes, and many more.

  • Warning Tags

    These tags are typically sized larger than the normal retail tag as they contain important information to make the consumer or end-user aware of the dangers of the product.

  • Wire + Cable I.D. Tags

    Applications include Automotive, Industrial, and many other markets.

Some Of Our Customers Include: