Specialty Printing

We specialize in the following vehicle labels:

Luggage Rack Instructions

Trailer Tow Limits

Diesel Fuel Label

Unleaded Fuel

Service Garage Lift Points

Convertible Top Prevent Glass Breakage

Theft Warning Information

Tire Information

Statutory Plate Label

Tow Hook Instructions

Fuel Economy & Environmental Labels

Child Security Lock Information

Seat Belt Warning

Consumer Information

Power Liftgate Information

VIN Label

Alarm ID Decal

Vehicle Certification Label

Tailgate Notice

Door Closer Caution

Air Bag Warning Solutions

Child Anchor

Storage Instructions

Tire Pressure Placard

Wire Cable ID

Electric Part Security Seal

Transmission Label

Parts Marking

Engine ID Solution

Fuse Box Panel Label

Engine Emission Label

Air Conditioner Warning Label

Coolant System Labels

Whitlam Group provides specialty labels to Healthcare industries as well as resellers, Marketing & Advertising companies, and US Government Printing Offices.

Let us help you improve your product’s package with our innovative ideas for security & safety, shelf appeal, market testing, and much more.

Our experts custom engineer specialty labels based on the individual needs and requirements of our clients. We offer a wide variety of materials and can produce labels in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Based on the application desired, the Whitlam Group can determine the best label solution for your needs.

With our unique and innovative ideas, experience, and technology, Whitlam can engineer the perfect label to meet your requirements.

Some Of Our Customers Include: