Our dedicated experts in our prepress department can help you with all your pre-press needs from Graphic Design, to electronic layout and assembly, image scanning, and color management.

Graphic Design


Need Graphics? We can help. We have internal graphic designers that understand what looks and works best with our technologies. We will consult you throughout the design process and will have ample opportunity to make changes if you so choose. Our goal is to produce designs that exceed your expectations.

Graphic Design Checklist

Need Art Work? If you’d like our help with your Graphics, fill out the following questions:

  • What is the name of your company? What is your product’s name?
  • How do you describe your company and what do they stand for (in other words what is your companies objective statement)?
  • Do you have a logo? If not, would you like us to design a logo for you?
  • What product are you trying to sell?
  • Do you have some colors in mind that you would like to use on your label? Do you have a sample you would like us to match the color to? Do you have any specific brand colors that we need to match?
  • What size would you like your label?
  • Are there any particular fonts that you would like to be used in your logo?
  • Do you have other labels that you would like your new label to match or be similar too?
  • Is there any specific look/type of artwork that you really like, and you would like yours to have a similar design/feel?
  • Do you have a sketch or idea of what you want your label to look like already?
  • Do you have nutritional facts and an ingredient list that needs to be on your label?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • Do you have any documents of wording or verbiage you want on your label? How about pictures?
  • What material would you like your label to go on? White, Foil, Clear?
  • Do you have a barcode you would like to include on your label?
  • Do you want any security feature‚Äôs added to your label to ensure brand security?

Download our graphics specs bellow to help better understand the Whitlam’s graphics requirements in the pre-press process and the requirements for the printing process.

Click on Graphics Department Specs:








Proofing Technologies

Our high-quality proofs match the printed piece every time.

  • Epson printed, 4 color process digital proofs
  • Electronic PDF proofing for a quick turnaround.
  • Color Management / Correction

Some Of Our Customers Include: