Katelyn Breton takes on the roll of Lead Graphic Technician / Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator
Katelyn Breton joined the Whitlam Team in 2016 as a Graphic Technician. At the time she had just graduated from Macomb Community College with her Design and Layout Associates Degree.
Katelyn continued her education while working at Whitlam and in 2017 graduated from Rochester College with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. At this time Katelyn was promoted to Lead Graphic Technician in our graphics department where she continued to grow and prosper with Whitlam Group.
Whitlam’s Graphics Supervisor stated that Katelyn “has a wonderful energy, drive and is a real go-getter.”
Whitlam is proud to announce that Katelyn continues to grow with Whitlam and has accepted her new position as Lead Graphic Technician / Marketing Coordinator.
Congratulations Katelyn!