Whitlam’s printing capabilities include Digital Printing, Flexographic Printing, and Converting. However, Whitlam offers more than just print and converting solutions.

Pre-Press/Graphic Art

Whitlam’s in-house graphic design team has a combined 40 years of experience in the pre-press and graphic design industry. They are highly skilled and educated to assist anyone with their design needs. Here are some of the artwork solutions we offer:

  • Translations: Translate and typeset foreign languages
  • Type: Typeset labels and make type changes to current labels
  • Graphics Changes: Capability to make a wide range of different types of changes to current or new labels
  • Proofs: Digital proofs, EPSON proofs, and press proofs
  • Variable Data: Variable numbers, barcodes, and images on labels
  • Create art from drawing: If you have a drawing/blueprint we can create artwork to match and ensure it meets all specifications, callouts, and dimensions
  • Redesign and Recreate: If you have a sample of your label but no artwork, we can redesign or recreate your label to match your sample as close as possible. If you are unhappy with your current labels, we can also create a new design for you
  • Edit artwork to ensure it is ready to be printed: This includes making sure artwork meets our specifications and trapping to ensure best print quality
  • Consultation: If you are looking for advice on your label/brand, we can offer advice on what will help your label stand out or ways you can improve your current label design
  • Design: If you have no design concept at all, but need a label, we can design your labels or packaging for you

In-House Lab

Whitlam Group’s In-House Quality Lab continues to acquire state-of-the-art equipment to ensure conformance to your requirements. We have the capability to inspect incoming materials and perform tests on converted labels. Here are some solutions our test lab can offer:

  • Abrasion: The ability of the label to resist varying
    degrees of abrasion and remain legible
  • Barcode Scanning: The quality and readability of printed barcodes
  • Fluid Immersion: The ability of the label to resist the effects of a wide variety of chemicals
  • Peel Strength: Used to perform peel adhesion testing which shows the amount of force required to remove a label from a wide variety of surfaces
  • Thermal Cycle (Oven, Freezer, or Humidity): The abilities of the label to stand up to various environmental conditions in a cyclical format
  • Tape Test: The ink adhesion to any given label material.
  • Heat Aging/Resistance Test: Testing the ability of the label to endure a period of time while subjected to high temperature
  • Color Matching: We use a color book to ensure we match your exact colors, as specified. This book references spot colors
  • Additional Lab Testing: Salt spray, weather meter, xenon, tensile strength, QUV exposure, fadeometer, fogging, tear strength


Whitlam maintains a wide range of materials on hand but also can offer a variety of additional materials. We offer different types of adhesives and thicknesses as well. Some of the most popular materials we offer include:

  • Paper: A natural product made from wood or
    pulp. All papers used in the printing industry are measured by basis weight & grade
  • Film: A synthetic or plastic type of material
  • Foil: A thin layer of aluminum or alloys
  • Tags: Typically a paper that is a thicker stock
  • Laminate: A web material formed by bonding two or more materials together
  • Tape: Facestock of paper or film with adhesive, but no liner
  • Static Cling: Vinyl face stock, no pressure-sensitive adhesive, but with liner
  • Magnets: Has a paper or film top layer with a flexible magnet as the bottom layer
  • Holograms: Micro embossed metalized film
  • FDA Approved: Paper or film, direct or indirect food contact
  • UL / CSA Approved: Various material constructions to meet certain UL / CSA Standards
  • Metalized Film: A plastic or resinous film that has been coated on one side with a very thin layer of metal. This is usually a vacuum metalized processed film

Finishing, Packaging & Warehousing

Whitlam has the capability to inspect, finish, package, & warehouse your products while executing your specific needs. Our inspections are done visually and on state-of-the-art equipment. Our finishing capabilities include sheeting labels, fan folding, stringing, and supplying roll form labels on different size cores.
Our warehouse capabilities include strategically packaged products to ensure quality, security, and fast delivery all at a low cost. We can even customize your packaging to meet specific requirements to help streamline your process.
If you want more information about how Whitlam Capabilities can help assist you with your project needs please contact us today at solutions@whitlam.com