Masked Labels

Whitlam Group Masked Label

Are you in need of the perfect solution for a label with essential information that can withstand a production process?  Our mask label is made from high-performance materials that can sustain various chemicals, paint baths, harsh temperatures and environmental conditions. These high performance layers can then be peeled off to remove and uncover your essential information unharmed.
Many companies use labels to identify or track items, sub-assemblies, parts, supplies etc. during their manufacturing processes. Some manufacturing processes include harsh environments. These could be extreme temperatures, chemical baths, painting, powder-coating, electro-coating (e-coat) etc.
Protecting Your Label
One type of label the Whitlam Group offers are known as “Masked” labels. Masked labels have at least two layers. The bottom layer is printed with the information necessary to facilitate the production process. This is often an identifying barcode, 2D Matrix Code, or part number. These numbers or codes can be constant, sequential, or random. The top layer is a clear plastic material through which the printed information on the base layer is visible. If the part goes through a painting or coating process that obscures the label, the top layer (mask) can be peeled away thus exposing the information on the bottom layer of the label. This allows identification of the part during subsequent processing without having the expense or effort of applying a new label. The part maintains its identity.
Masks can also be used as installation aids for applying decorative badging. They provide consistent spacing, proper orientation, and location to reference points.
Some masks can permit application of multi-part labels. Designed appropriately for a process, these masks allow for removal of certain sections of multi-part labels at specific steps of a process and still leave other sections of the multi-part label intact for removal at later steps in the process.
When designing Masked labels, it is important to understand the process parameters the parts and labels will be subjected to during the manufacturing processes and part use. It is important that the materials and the adhesives selected are appropriate so as to perform properly. The mask must stay on the base layer of the label, but not become permanently bonded to the base layer as a result of exposure to processing conditions. It is critical the mask and the base layer be compatible with each other.
The Whitlam Group can work with your process and product experts to determine the right combination of materials to develop a Masked label for your needs.