Subsurface Graphics

Many labels are used in very challenging environments and need to be durable enough to last the lifetime of the product.

Labels used for automotive and durable applications are two specific markets that require durability and longevity in their labels. These labels may be exposed to extreme heat, cold, moisture, chemicals, abrasion, weather, etc. One of the printing methods used by Whitlam Group to create durable labels is Subsurface printing.
Subsurface printing is when the inks are printed on the underside of a clear plastic film. The images on the printing plates are configured so that when the label is viewed from the top side of the clear film, the image appears as desired. An adhesive layer with a liner backing is applied to the printed inks. Different adhesives are available, as appropriate, for a given label’s use. The web is flipped-over (depending on the type of press) and the face-stock material is then die-cut to the proper size of the label. Because the inks are applied to the bottom side of the plastic film, the film provides protection to the inks, thus creating a durable label.
A 2 mil clear Polyester film is a common material for Subsurface printing. When Subsurface printing, it is important to know the detailed specifications of the materials to ensure that the film is optimized for the Subsurface printing process, the inks, and the environment where the label will be used.
If you would like to know more about subsurface labels or think this might be the right method for your products, contact our experts at 800-75-LABEL.