Cell Sequence Labels

What are Returnable & Reusable Packaging/Shipping Containers?

In today’s world recycling is very important. Many companies are trying to find new ways to protect the environment by reusing and recycling products or materials. Some companies have been doing this by using returnable and reusable packaging and shipping containers.
These containers are made from different materials depending on the product that will be being shipped in them to ensure quality, durability and safety. They can be split into sections to ship multiple parts in the same shipping containers and are separated by walls that are sometimes adjustable.

Cell Sequence Labels in use


Sometimes these shipping containers can also be used for sequencing racks. Using the same container for a sequencing rack and shipping container can be very cost efficient. In the automotive industry these containers can be used for shipping products such as engines or car doors from supplier to assembly plants. Once the parts that are shipped in a container are taken out and used then the container can be sent back to the supplier to be re-used for the next shipment.
Some of the industries that these are used in are industrial, farming, manufacturing, distributing, warehousing, consumer goods and logistics organizations.


At Whitlam Group we do supply labels to help define and separate each compartment in these containers. We call these labels Cell Sequencing labels or Rack labels. These cell/rack labels are variable meaning each cell/rack in a container has a separate number and barcode on them. This will allow you to identify each part individually.
With our in-house lab capabilities, we can test these labels to ensure they will be durable on any type of container. We have various substrates and are able to find the adhesive and material combinations that will be right for you.
Whitlam Group strives to protect the environment and creating labels to help companies be able to label their parts in order to use these reusable/returnable containers is something we take pride in.