At Whitlam we understand that it is important to protect your brand. Over a billion dollars is spent annually by US Fortune 500 companies to fight counterfeiting, protect brand names and trademarks. Every year automotive and aircraft part manufacturers lose billions of dollars in revenue to counterfeit parts. Since internet shopping has become so popular, counterfeit products are at its highest. Companies like International Trademark Association is estimating that the total global economic value of counterfeiting could reach $2.3 trillion by 2022. Most counterfeit items are sold online and bought by consumers and wholesalers. Counterfeiters are the most significant competitors in most markets.
Whitlam Group is determined to work with brand owners to come up with a solution that protects their brand, works best for them, and is cost-effective. Whitlam will combine low and high security elements together to enhance protection for brand owners and use different types of technology to maximize their protection. Spending extra for a label that will help protect your brand can be well worth the money if it stops counterfeiters from selling your product and stealing your money.

The Problem

It is important to understand why brand owners need to protect themselves from counterfeiting because not only is it illegal it can also be very dangerous. Counterfeit products are not made to the same standards which can result in devastating accidents, mechanical malfunctions, health and safety risks, and a loss of positive reputation. Consumers, wholesalers, and manufactures are all at risk. 
When consumers purchase counterfeit products, they may be at a loss when it comes to money, if the product doesn’t work. However, the main concern for consumers isn’t the loss of money but rather the health and safety risks that they may encounter when using counterfeit products. Some goods that consumers can purchase that may be counterfeit include automotive parts, power tools, electrical products, games, pharmaceuticals and other over-the-counter medications, baby formula, toys, clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, outdoor equipment and much more. If a consumer uses any of these counterfeit items then they can be at risk for medical issues, mechanical malfunctions or even fatal consequences. 
Manufactures and Wholesalers face the risk of lawsuits and liability costs. Even if they are unaware that they are selling a counterfeited product they are still held accountable. Counterfeit products can also lead to wholesalers issuing a recall which can cost them millions of dollars as well. Manufactures and Wholesalers can both lose their positive brand reputation if consumers are unaware, they bought a counterfeit product. If a brands reputation is ruined by counterfeit products it can be very difficult to repair the damage and regain a positive brand reputation.


There are hundreds of different security features that can be added to your brand, labels and packaging to help protect your products. The best time to place a security featured label on products is before the products leaves the manufacturing facility. Tamper evident, authentication and trace security labels are just a few options that brand owners have, to help secure their products. Multiple solutions can be combined to achieve maximum protection.
Tamper evident labels are printed on destructible substrates which can change appearance or are destroyed when tampering such as removing or transferring the label occurs. If a product was tampered with and the label was removed or transferred, a tamper evident label with show proof that the product was tampered. One way the label will do this is by ripping into pieces and leaving evidence behind on the product showing that it was tampered with. Sometimes this can be strips of the label itself or it can be the word “void” repeated over the area that the label was adhered to.
Authentication labels incorporate combinations of security features that can be visually seen or identified and easy to verify. These security features can be checked by anyone within the supply chain. Visual authentication includes barcodes, special inks, holograms, watermarks, embossing and more. Authentication labels can also contain hidden security features. Some hidden features include invisible images or text, hidden barcodes, digital authentication, markers, retro reflective technology, optical variable devices and more. Hidden features can be verified by special lighting, magnification, technology and software. Authentication labels are nearly impossible to copy or imitate.
A third option for brand security is track and trace labels. These labels are unique product identification solutions. Track and trace features can be visual or hidden and can be added to products, pallets or shipping containers. This unique marker can be monitored through the whole process of the supply chain. This feature requires special management data technology and software. Track and Trace solutions allows products to be traced from production all the way down the supply chain till the product reaches the consumers hands which allows the consumer to verify where the product came from and where it traveled from the time it left the manufacturing facility. With this information the consumer will be able to identify if the product was tampered with and if the product is authentic.

How to get Started

Protecting your brand by using brand security labels and packaging is important. It helps with verifying that products being sold to consumers are authentic and builds customer confidence and brand loyalty. Brand security assists with detecting counterfeit products high in the supply chain before the products reach the consumer.
Whitlam is here to help you find a solution. We specialize in brand security options such as tamper evident labels, authentication labels, and track and trace labels. These options can include but are not limited to part marking codes, holograms, specialty inks, RFID, QR codes, micro text, UV indicator, invisible text or images, special die-cuts, destructible substrates and more.
If you would like more information or feel like you need to protect your brand contact us today and let Whitlam help you find the best solution for your product.