In our consistent effort to become a more sustainable company, Whitlam Group is proud to announce that we are now offering New FLEXcon Recycled Liners. These liners come with a wide range of benefits, here are just a few of them:

  • Whitlam GroupMore labels per roll
  • Reduced shipping costs due to lighter materials
  • Less changeover during assembly
  • Smaller inventory and environmental footprints

Keeping the world a greener place

One of our goals at Whitlam is to not only become more environmentally-friendly ourselves, but help our customers do the same. In order to reach that goal, we are always looking for the newest and best technology to complete the job. This means utilizing the most current innovations and materials our industry has to offer, which is from where our new Sustainable Ultra Thin Material product line was born. The best thing about this new line of products is that in addition to being more eco-friendly, it’s also of the highest quality and value.
The Post Consumer Waste Liner is the hallmark of our sustainable line. It allows us to reduce our costs by using less raw, virgin material by replacing it with recycled, which helps us (and our customers) become more socially responsible. This product line also reduces the amount of physical waste expended in the label-making process, resulting in less materials in our landfills.  And in addition to being comprised of 30 percent post-consumer waste materials, our Post Consumer Waste Release Liner doesn’t require customers to change their production methods, making the transition seamless. It also meets the demands of brand owners and OEMs for more environmentally-friendly materials and products.

Our partner

In order to accomplish our goals, we partnered with FLEXcon, a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive, adhesive-coated films and more. We worked together to develop a product that is superior to all others in the industry and we are proud to say that we’re making the world a greener place.
If you have questions about our new Sustainable Ultra Thin Material product line and how it can help your company, please contact us today!