If you’re in the packaging and labeling industry, then you’re already very familiar with harsh environment labels.  But how do you explain them to a potential customer, new business owner, or someone browsing around your site trying to determine what product of yours matches their needs?  And what do you think their first thought is going to be when thinking “harsh environment label?”
Though our headquarters is located in Michigan and we do have our fair share of inclement weather year round, there are states and conditions outside of our own that require a label that goes above and beyond the call of normal duty.  Automotive is a prime example for the need for a harsh environment label.  There’s been a huge push in the last five years for most parts that go into your vehicle to have a barcode on them that allows the part to be traced back to the day it was made, what batch of material went into making it, when it was assembled and when the vehicle itself rolled off the lot.  It’s all about accountability and a label is no different.  It has to last.

Harsh Environement Label (Automotive)

Maybe the car or truck is used sparingly or only for city driving.  What if it’s used for driving in the mountains?  Or in a desert?  What if the conditions under the hood are hotter than normal and thereby require a more durable label?  A harsh environment label is the solution.
And what if a customer has a business that potentially exposes their labels to chemicals or abrasion?  Even the cold vacuum of space?  Aside from automotive, the majority of the markets we see requesting our expertise for these kinds of labels are in AeroSpace, heavy duty equipment, motorsports, drum Label, power tools, and lawn & garden equipment.
A harsh environment label for a potentially harsh environment.

You need the right tool for the job or, in this case, the right application for the right label.  It’s critical to your success and Whitlam Group has helped a number of well-known companies solve the challenge of developing an application that requires durable materials that are not only weather-resistant, but also tear-resistant and puncture-resistant.
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