Whitlam Group wants to help you with your next big label design.  So how exactly do labels work anyway? How do they convince consumers to buy a product? Well, to understand the answer to that question, you must have some decent eyesight. When you enter a store, a supermarket, or a pharmacy, you’ll normally glance at products as you walk around. Normally what will appeal to you is (1) you see what that package contains by looking at the label, and (2) you enjoyed the snazzy graphics on the package.  If there’s another dimension, you’ll notice it and want to grab the product because of it.
But what could this third dimension be? It’s called embossing.  To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, we touch embossed paper napkins just about every day; the raised bumpy texture on the napkins is an example of embossing.  But now brand managers have realized that raised type, images and texture—combined with color and design elements—give a warm and fuzzy feeling to the consumer.  People recognize the key details and effort that went into designing and constructing the label design, and because of this, the consumer will become curious about the product and pick it up.  This is exactly what an embossed label is designed to do.
People use different embossing tactics to try and appeal to the masses. One of these approaches is referred to as the tactile appeal.  This makes it so the label itself has a bumpy or jagged surface, which gives people the appeal to touch the product and feel the surface.  People enjoy running their fingers across an embossed label because it transmits the sense that they are holding something more special than the other products.
That is just one example, but new embossing technologies continue to advance.  Some organizations have started to design 3D sculptured embossing.  Experts are convinced that 3D sculptured embossing, combined with visual elements and tactile appeal, will bring in favorable results for the future.
Whitlam Group would love to help you with all your labeling needs.  We have a vast amount of capabilities to help serve your needs. Contact us today to learn how Whitlam Group can help you.