Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Labels

UL LabelMany products are tested and evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to determine if they meet safety standards established by regulations, organizations, manufacturers, and UL. The products that pass such testing may be labeled as UL Listed or UL Recognized. The labels affixed to these products, communicating this recognition, must also be UL Recognized.
Whitlam Group is a UL Authorized Label Supplier.  We must pass inspections conducted by a UL auditor. UL auditors may visit the label manufacturing facility at any time, often without prior notice, to inspect or collect UL label samples for ongoing routine surveillance testing.
UL Recognized labels must pass testing as outlined in the ANSI/UL969 Standard. There are several different categories depending on the type of label (PGDQ2, PGJI2, PGIM2, PGGU2, PGIS2, PGGU8, etc.). Type R labels are permanently marked with safety information such as hazards, warnings, cautions, installation instructions and electrical ratings. UL 299 is for dry chemical fire extinguishers. IEC standards include “Durability of Marking Requirements.”
The label testing must be conducted by UL or a UL certified test lab. A lab may be certified under UL’s CTDP (Client Test Data Program) and DAP (Data Acceptance Program). The certified lab’s testing must be equivalent to that of UL’s lab testing. This testing may evaluate weathering, legibility, defacement, chemical exposure, moisture exposure, aging, adhesion, and abrasion. Once approved, the inks and materials used in that specific label construction combination are granted a UL File number.
Note: If a product manufacturer adds additional information to a UL Recognized label such as with Thermal Transfer printing, the ink ribbon or media used must also be UL approved for use with that specific material construction.
Labels may be UL tested to obtain the cUL mark. These tests are similar to the Canadian Safety Association (CSA Group) C22.2 No. 0.15 standards.
Whitlam Group has several different UL approved label construction files for different types of label applications. Working with a UL Authorized Label Supplier such as the Whitlam Group and using our pre-approved UL label constructions can reduce your costs and time by eliminating the need for you to conduct such testing.