As of May 1, 2010 Michigan became the 38th state to prohibit smoking statewide in all enclosed, indoor workplaces in Michigan, as well as the outdoor patios of bars and restaurants. The law exempts only cigar bars, retail tobacco stores, private home offices, company vehicles including commercial trucks and Detroit’s three casinos’ gambling floors.
Now with the law in effect businesses must post “no smoking” signs or universal non-smoking signs at each entrance of their building and in all other areas where people are NOT allowed to smoke.
The picture on the left is an example of a non-smoking label that we ran for one of our customers: Labels & signs will either say ”no- smoking” “smoke-free” ” no- smoking permitted” or it will be the universal symbol for non-smoking like the one shown on the right.
"non-smoking" label

NO smoke sign

Businesses must inform people they can’t smoke. If they choose to they will be asked to leave. There are some fines and penalties that will be given if you do not comply with this new law. Be sure to get your facility prepared and ready with signs so you don’t run into any fines or fees with the government.

Let us make your label signs and get your facilities smoke free today! Remember smoke free air is clean air… clean air is healthy air! We want to help make your facility breathe clean air!