Instant Redeemable Coupons

More than 80% of consumers use coupons, and more than half of all retailers offer consumers some promotional programs. More than 70% of consumers make their purchasing decisions at the store.

With a well designed on-pack coupon, you can motivate the consumer to purchase product’s. Use a variety of clever labels, tags, and decoders to help promote and sell your product in store.

Increase Sales: By adding a coupon to your product package, you will increase the number of new customers, Increase the return of former customers, and Increase long lasting brand awareness.

Low cost investment that generates a high return: Coupons are an inexpensive form of marketing. You can achieve low volume or exact order quantity with smaller discount amounts. An instant redeemable coupon costs a very small percentage of the total cost of your product and its packaging but delivers a big return.

Extremely effective: Instant redeemable coupons have a higher redemption rate than all other coupon types. Coupons are a very highly measurable form of marketing, so you can easily track your return on investment.