This past week we participated in the 2010 Carmela Food Show. Carmela Foods Distributing, Inc. located in Fraser Michigan is a private company that distributes Specialty Food Items. Carmela puts on 2 major food shows a year. One takes place in the fall and the other is in the spring. These shows promote and launch new food products. The show attendees are made up of buyers from small and large grocery store chains. This show gives buyers a great discount and allows them to purchase up to 6 months worth of products at a discounted rate. In turn this provides great incentive for both the buyers and the vendors to attend the show. Therefore Making the Carmela Food Show a success!

Whitlam Group has been an exhibitor at the Carmela food show for the past 2 years. This year the show was on March 16, 2010 at the beautiful Grosse Point Yacht Club.

We enjoy and support Carmela Foods and all of their private label products.  We feel that this show is a great fit for us. Knowing the demographics of their vendors and attendees which are mostly companies in the Mid-west and some Michigan based. This makes it easier for us to get our name out there building loyalty to our current Carmella Food customers as well as potential new customers.