“We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of Whitlam’s new website,” said Michelle Shaieb, Marketing Coordinator.  “Whitlam will continue to add more features and functions in the near future that we hope will make our customer’s job easier, and make Whitlam the “go to” website for all our customers.”
With Whitlam’s new user friendly site, you are able to obtain product descriptions, and product recommendations. The addition of the “quick search”, “request a quote”, and “Get Started” sections will allow consumers to seek valuable information to make educated decisions on their label & packaging applications. The website will also guides users through the initial step of getting started on their projects within a matter of minutes.
Whitlam Group is an industry leader in innovative labeling & packaging solutions, with multiple manufacturing facilities and five decades of award winning excellence.  Whitlam specializes in both digital and flexographic printing technologies with widths up to 16” and the ability to handle up to 20 colors.  Whitlam makes it their standard to provide customers with outstanding quality, volume flexibility, quick turnaround, affordable pricing and world class customer service.