Part of being an industry leader is knowing about the products our customers want and understanding why they want them.  This is one reason why Whitlam Group excels in what we do.  Take digital printing for example.  What is it, exactly, that makes digital printing so popular with businesses these days?  Is it the low cost, which alone makes this form of printing a favorite for brand managers, folks developing new products and, of course, buyers?  Are there other benefits?
On a customer front, labels are used to give consumers information that educates them about a product while also engaging them enough to want to give your product a try.  And with digital printing, this allows for your creative folks–like the aforementioned brand managers and product developers–incredible flexibility by fine-tuning their marketing strategy, running smaller quantities for test marketing, regional & seasonal marketing, and even customizing the message for event marketing.
How creative can you get with digital printing?  Imagine being able to develop hundreds of product slogans or pick-up lines that can all easily be printed and used randomly, which offer your consumers variety they’ll remember.  Coke recently released a limited edition of its product with two designs by cartoonist Tom Gauld, which acts as a visual reminder to visit Coke’s website and learn about Heart Truth.  Buzzards Bay Brewing in Massachusetts used their labels to serialize a detective story. There’s even the potential to use labels to create puzzles, jokes, share recipes or even to combine them in order to create a single, unique picture.  All of these can be accomplished through digital printing and creativity is only limited to your imagination.
Now, on a business front, digital printing is a quick way to produce short-runs at a low-cost and that means you not only save time, but you also save money.  Best of all, turnaround time at Whitlam is quick.  While 5 days is our standard turnaround time, digital labels can be ready to ship in as little as 1 business day from the time we receive approval for your artwork.
For small print jobs between 100 and 10,000 labels, digital printing is a cost-effective solution with a quick turnaround time.  Whitlam Group is proud to offer digital printing services.  Contact us with any questions you have and see what we can do for you!