Nowadays, with the emergence of social media, every business is looking for what the next big thing will be for their marketing plan.  Many organizations are focusing on the packaging to engage the consumers more directly, and working on becoming a great connection between online and physical brand experiences.  QR codes are becoming one of the hottest applications to make all of this happen, and they are very easy to create, print and track.
What exactly are QR codes?  Great question! QR codes stand for Quick Response Barcodes, which are two-dimensional barcodes (datamatrix) designed to be decoded at very high speeds. You’ve probably seen them before in either a print or outdoor advertisement.  They are the black and white squares, which look a lot like a puzzle board you would find in your local newspaper (refer to the image at the top of the page).  The QR codes have the ability to quickly catch the eye of the consumer in almost every moment of everyday life.  The consumer may be walking, riding a bus, out shopping or just enjoying a nice afternoon outside.  The QR codes give your organization the opportunity to be seen by consumers in almost any of instance of everyday life.
How exactly do QR codes work?  The QR code is placed in any form of media, be it a newspaper, magazine, postcard, outdoor advertising, etc., and all the person needs to do is take a picture of the code with their mobile phone.  Once the consumer does this, software on their mobile phone will send them to the landing page of the directed Web site, or the Q4 code may tell the person they need to download the appropriate software to their phone.  The code may also send the consumer to a special coupon offer or they may receive a special text message.
QR codes have been successful in many ways.  Lets to a look at exactly how QR codes can be successful on various mediums.
1.    Web sites:   Instead of always trying to cram tons of information onto your product’s label or advertisement, you have the ability to add a QR code to give the consumer access to more information on your products and services.
2.    Coupon Codes and Promotional Offers: QR codes give you the opportunity to instantly distribute promotional items or coupons as well.  These codes may possibly direct an individual to a Web site where they have the ability to redeem the offer or coupon, or a set of instructions for the individual in regards to how to redeem the offer at the store.
3.    Promotional and Calendar Events:  When a person is interested in a specific event, they will have the ability to scan the code and receive a much more detailed description of the specific event.
One of the best things about QR codes is the ability of an organization to view how successful their QR codes have been working through real-time reporting dashboards.
Evidence of the success of QR codes can be seen in the Pepsi Max campaign “get new kicks everyday,” which was run in the U.K. and people would use the QR codes to receive tips from life Coach Rusty Champion, as well as receive a vast amount of product information and free games.
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