While we are certainly proponents of great food and beverage labels for our customers, occasionally great food product labeling isn’t the only way to get your products noticed on the shelves. Recently we have seen some great examples of new innovations in food and beverage packaging that are catching consumer’s eye.
For example, I wrote a blog post last month about Weis Markets unveiling clear packaging for two of their products, raspberry lemonade and their regular lemonade. Their belief was that by allowing customers to see beyond the beverage label and into the bottle would entice them to purchase their lemonade. I thought this was a great idea for them to incorporate, allowing their customers to see the product that they were thinking about buying.
Beverage & Food LabelsToday, we found another great example of allowing customers to see beyond the food label at the store. Sainsbury’s Juice in the UK has released and innovative new juice bottle that allows its drinkers to measure out their portions! They seem to have a great label on their product too, but what makes this packaging truly innovative is that it has four see-through windows on the side of the juice bottle that allows their customer to see how much juice they are or should be drinking.
The four see-through windows on the beverage container allow the consumer to portion what amounts to five daily servings. And if you’re following a diet, it’s the perfect way to keep track of exactly how much you’re getting.
One of Sainsbury’s juice buyers, Louise Wilkinson, says, “We launched this new packaging to make it easier for customers to measure one of their five-a-day and lead a healthier lifestyle. The windows also showcase our fantastic juice and its freshness.”
This is also just the beginning for Sainsbury. They’re in the process of implementing an entire food and beverage packaging re-launch of their 6500+ products. It started last December with their frozen food line and is expected to be completed sometime during January of 2013. Each package they implement is redesigned to reduce their brand packaging weight relative to sales by an ambitious 33% and of course will include new designs and food labeling.
If this is successful, then it’s probably just a matter of time before a company in the US embraces it as a “lessons learned” and runs with it here too.
Here at Whitlam, we are very excited about the new food and beverage packaging innovations that continue to come to fruition and are looking forward to designing and printing new food and beverage labeling for all the new shapes and designs.