Port Dust Cover Plug Replacement

Port Dust Cover Functional Labels Can Save The Environment and Your Budget

Our Port Dust Cover functional labels provide solutions for error proofing at the assembly plant along with protecting parts from debris or potential scrapping due to incorrect installation.
By engineering part-specific, functional, die-cut labels, the part can be protected from debris and contamination through shipping and installation. The die-cut label will also provide assistance with error-proofing and process control during assembly.
The Port Dust Cover Functional Label is also available in a unique multi-part, functional die-cut label that utilizes two different printed webs laminated with special die cutting and adhesive deadening.

Key Applications:

• Control Module/IP Hookup
• Engine Component Hookups and Valves
• Assembly Parts requiring instruction and protection

The Benefits:

• Ultra-removable adhesive leaves zero residues on the part, which helps keep holes clean and improve the assembly process.
• Overall quality improvement, process improvement, and better end product.
• A low-cost solution to waste-generating caps and plugs to keep parts clean and dust-free.
• Waste reduction in Functional Labels vs. Plugs (selling feature to end user)
• Manpower to install each plug
• Manpower to remove each plug (selling feature to end user)
Port Dust Cover Cost Savings