Aside from setting our own trends and raising the bar in the packaging and labeling industry, Whitlam Group is also careful to pay close attention to what are fellow companies are doing.  A huge push has been in the sector of going green and while that’s definitely a worthy endeavor to make advancements in, we can’t take development time away from something as equally important; security.
Simons Security Systems, or 3S, is launching a new permanent adhesive security label capable of being applied across all industries in the battle against counterfeiting and manipulation.  It’s extremely good news for anyone using closure seals, stickers or security stamps since they incorporate the Secutag micro color-code, which not only has a long history of being forgery-proof, but also because it’s accepted by worldwide court systems as acceptable evidence in trials.  Identification is visible with a microscope and not to the naked eye.

Why develop such a label?  Simple; counterfeit products are continuing to enter supply chains despite a worldwide crackdown.  This simply ensures protection for the industry itself as well as the trade sectors.
The label consists of a hologram with the Secutag code and each customer is given their own unique color.  That’s just the basic protection, too.  Additional security features are available and include serial numbering and tilting & kinegram effects.  And if that’s not enough, 3S also offers a special security stamping which protects the label against unauthorized removal.  Topping even this is the potential to have variable customer data, a special UV or infrared marking, and track & trace codes included making the new label multi-layer security concept.
It’s almost a shame that the industry has to go to such lengths to identify and protect their products, but with packaging and labeling companies like 3M and Whitlam Group, at least you know the option exists and works.