Summer is in full swing and the folks here at Whitlam Group have been busy filling orders for our customers.  It’s a pretty incredible time for us, too, because much of what we’re doing reminds us of things we enjoy about the current season and things yet to come.  You’ll see what we mean momentarily.  For now, though, does anybody have trips with the family coming up?  This particular item we printed gave us an idea of where some of us might head.

And while we’re on the subject of fun places to go and things to see, is anybody out there a Detroit Pistons fan?  If so, then you’ll appreciate the picture of our work below.

Admit it.  You’re also doing things on a budget this summer, right.  That’s why some of our clients have engaged us to create some piggyback coupons that showcase something special on the product while also helping you save on future purchases.  Anybody going on picnics or trips to parks will find these items extremely useful!

Nothing says holiday while on holiday like a game or sweepstakes.  And if it’s for a product you buy regularly, like potato chips, how tempted will you be to open an attached small fold out, visit the company’s website and fill out an online form to win a prize or even additional free products?  That’s why some businesses hire us to make these:

Or, if it’s something a bit catchier you’re looking for on the product itself, how cute and catchy is this?

These are all things that not only excite us doing them for our customers, but also their customers when they see them on the shelf.
You know, there’s a preconceived notion some people have is that there’s nothing hugely enticing about being a labeling and packaging company, but if you really take a look at some of the things we do, they’re pretty spectacular!  What’s more, we like doing them.  Contact Whitlam Group today and see how we can help you!