Extended Content

Expanding Your Label

If you are looking to fit a lot of information into your label and are worried about not having enough space, then maybe extended content labels are right for you. Choosing to have an extended content label gives you more room without having to change the size of your label or packaging. You can fit more information is the same amount of space or even less by layering the information into a multi-page label.
Extended Content Label eliminates having to create a second label. It also prevents you from having to downsize your artwork to make all the information fit within the label size you want. Having an extended content label on your product allows brand owners to have more flexibility with their products. Extended content labels can make your product stand out from your competition. It also opens the door for more design and creative capabilities to make your product more attractive.


Extended Content Labels can be used for any type of product. Most of the time extended content labels can be associated as being instructional labels or safety precautionary labels. Extended content labels can also be used for industries such as environmental, medical, automotive, health, beauty, food, beverage, retail, software, promotional, industrial and durable.
Extended content label can include conditions of sales, limitations of liability, warranty, regulatory standards, nutritional information or ingredients. Having a multi-page label can keep your product appealing on the shelve while included all the information that your label requires.


Whitlam offers many different solutions for extended content labels. Some options we offer are Piggyback, for single uses, or Triple Fold which can be either 8 panels or 24 panels. Choosing the right solution for your product depends on the substrate and design of your label.
Along with the different fold solutions we also offer printing options such as 12 color print,special adhesive, two-sided printing, barcodes, variable data, holograms and tamper-evident options. We also offer peal off removable options and re-sealable ability.