Each year the label and packaging industry notices changes in the way organizations package and label their products. Whitlam Group is always hard at work to make sure that you are informed about the hottest new trends in the labeling and packaging industry. Today we’re going to turn our focus to the latest trends within the food industry. According to a report titled “Healthy Eating Strategies by Generation,”assembled by the market research firm NPD Group, 2011 will be the year of the healthy food trend. Approximately 80 million consumers rank nutritional value as #1 or #2 for importance on deciding what to eat or drink. As you read on, we’ll highlight one of the organizations that have already added a new product line for the year of 2011.
Just this past January, Whole Foods Market (WFM) decided to start a brand new line of products called the “Health Starts Here” program. One of the main reasons WFM is adding this product line is because of the 2010 Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. The report stated that a more plant-based diet is recommended to promote positive health measures and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Because of these reasons, WFM jumped to start a brand new plant-based product line.

Another integral part of the “Health Starts Here” product line was the addition of eight new frozen vegetable products. These products are supposed to help the consumer save some cash, while still giving them the opportunity to eat a healthy diet.
WFM is just one of many companies which are adding new healthy food product lines to their organization. With all these new products, this means a high trend of new label and packaging needs. It’s still very early in the year 2011, but this trend is definitely something that organizations within the food industry are starting to add to their product lines. Contact Whitalm Group today to learn how they can help you with your labeling and packaging needs.