We here at Whitlam Group love to let everyone know about the most recent trends in the labeling and packaging industry. Today is no different.  Whitlam Group will make sure to advise you on all of the latest trends when trying to decide how to design quality labels for your upcoming campaign/campaigns. Today, we’re going to discuss how people purchase their products based upon convenience and conscience decisions.

There was a recent report released by Thomas Reuters called “World IP Today: Convenience vs. Conscience—Food Packaging in the 21st Century.” This report gave some very interesting statistics, especially for people working within the packaging industry. According to the report, organizations within the food and beverage packaging industry are split down the middle when making packaging decisions based upon convenience and conscience. What seems to be the trend for the future is to create packaging that is both convenient for the consumer as well eco-friendly.  A big reason this shift may be happening is because Reuters’s report found that 14 percent of women are more likely to select “green”-friendly packaged products over non eco-friendly packaged products. On the other side of the coin, the men who were surveyed were much more likely to purchase packaged items that are much more convenient for them.

One of the more interesting findings of this report is the vague definition of what a “green” packaged product actually is. A large number of organizations use patents mentioning that their products are biodegradable or eco-friendly. But the indistinctiveness to what actually defines a product as a “green” product is very hazy.  There are major organizations, such as the US Federal Trade Commission, who are currently working on the standards of “green” products.  Look for more developments on this issue in the near future.

Finally, there are some new trends being forecasted for the future relating to interactive packaging. With the world we live in evolving everything in the technological market, be ready for the same things to start transitioning into the labeling and packaging industry. Reuters believes that there will be some major upgrades and trends moving towards tamper-evident packaging and packaging efforts that use RFID technology to track products from their source to their destination. Tune in to the Whitlam blog for more developments on this issue in the future.