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At this time, Whitlam is open to service those customers deemed “essential” per the guidelines set forth by the Governor’s Executive Order. This plan remains in place until April 13th, 2020 unless otherwise stated.

Please note, employees can also receive status updates by calling our Whitlam Group Emergency Hotline at, 586-393-5515.  We encourage you to logon to this website and/or call the Emergency Hotline number at least daily for any updates. Otherwise, you will be notified by either your Manager or HR that a change has taken place and you are being asked to return to work.

Please feel free to contact Human Resources if you have additional questions. We wish for you and your loved ones to be safe and healthy during this time, and as always appreciate you being a part of the Whitlam Group team.


For those that are interacting with customers, here is the communication to be sent out regarding “essential” business.

Thank you for your inquiry. The Governor of Michigan has issued an Executive Order prohibiting Michigan companies from operating through April 13, 2020, unless they meet one of the exceptions to the Executive Order.  A copy of the Executive Order can be found here: https://www.michigan.gov/whitmer/0,9309,7-387-90499_90705-522626–,00.html. Whitlam Group is subject to this Executive Order to which we can continue those operations that are necessary to support the work of customers that employ “critical infrastructure workers,” in accordance with the Executive Order.

If your company employs critical infrastructure workers (see the list in the Executive Order), please let us know which sector of critical infrastructure that exempts you from the Order (e.g. Food and Agriculture; Health care and public health, etc.).

The Executive Order permits businesses that employ critical infrastructure workers to designate suppliers whose continued operation is necessary to enable, support, or facilitate the work of its critical infrastructure workers. If Whitlam’s product is necessary to enable, support, or facilitate your continued operation, please respond and indicate that Whitlam is an essential supplier.

Please understand that we are doing everything we can during this state of emergency to support our valued customers. If you employ critical infrastructure workers and you designate Whitlam as an essential supplier, then we will work immediately to support you. If you do not employ critical infrastructure workers, we will complete your order as soon as we are permitted to continue normal operations. Thank you for your understanding and your continued patronage.


Some Of Our Customers Include: