Winn-Dixie Store Inc. Work to help the Wounded Warrior Project

Here at the Whitlam Group blog, we often discuss new products and trends relating to the packaging and labeling industry. Today will be a little different because we are going to discuss something that isn’t a prevailing trend within our industry, but we think it should be. Every organization in the world is working to make a profit of some sort, but not too many work to help others in need. So today we want to highlight Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. for implementing a donation program with their products that will help to raise money for the non-profit organization known as the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

Recently, Winn-Dixie reintroduced their bottled water with a patriotic label that informs consumers they’re purchasing a product which will go to help American wounded veterans. Winn-Dixie plans to donate 10 cents for every 24-pack of bottled water sold, to WWP up to $100,000.

The label on the Winn-Dixie water bottle features an American flag and a bald eagle. Also, each bottle is equipped with the WWP logo of a soldier carrying a wounded comrade over his shoulder.

According to Mary Kellmanson, VP of marketing for Winn-Dixie, “The proceeds from this program will help injured veterans regain what they have lost in service to our country. This is an excellent opportunity for Winn-Dixie and our guests to show support for the brave men and women who’ve dedicated their lives to defending freedom.”

Now, Winn-Dixie may not be creating a new trend for the labeling and packaging industry, but we here at Whitlam Group hope other organizations will start to adopt donation programs to help non-profit organizations.  We support all of our American military veterans and it’s great to see other organizations thinking of other people rather than just themselves.

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