Low Cost and Highly Secure Brand Protection & Authentication Solution

Anti-counterfeiting and product security has become a major concern for all industries, especially automotive, in the last decade. The FiberTag Authentication System is a low cost, eco-friendly, and highly secure option that provides optimal confidence in a reliable and non-replicable form.

The final product is a system of pressure-sensitive labels that each contain their own:

  • Unique fiber pattern generated during the paper manufacturing process
  • Unique 2D Matrix/QR Code
  • Serial Number, which ensures each label is as individual as a fingerprint to fight counterfeiting and forgery.

FiberTag technology is the first of its kind and utilizes a randomly generated colored fiber feature that provides a reliable and affordable solution to problems of counterfeit and forgery. When paired with a serialized unitary 2D matrix/QR code, this pressure-sensitive label product can also be visually compared on demand quickly.

The end-user can easily verify the product to distinguish a genuine product from a fake based on the fiber fingerprint and digitized 2D code. This does not require any specially calibrated lights or scanners, but simply a QR code scanner app available for free on any smartphone.

Key Applications

  • Anti-Counterfeit
  • Aftermarket
  • Service and Replacement Parts
  • Apparel and Promotional Pieces

This product is a much lower cost solution than traditional methods such as a hologram, taggants, or tamper-evident films and cannot be replicated for counterfeiting and forgery.

At the lower price point, this new security concept will increase the use of anti-counterfeit authentication on more of a consumer’s products. This will reduce the lost profit from the illegal sale of illegitimate parts, reduce government fines and tax loss due to smuggling, as well as reduce warranty fraud and rebate abuse from claims and returns of non-authentic products.

FiberTag is a unique and lower cost security option.

The paper manufacturing process generates a unique and random pattern of fibers where no area of the paper is the same. Whitlam then creates a label as an individual as a fingerprint by serializing each tag with a unique 2D matrix code and recording that code with the unique fibers within that tag’s area. The recorded 2D code and fiber pattern are stored within a database which will allow mobile technology to effectively put authentication in the hands of the customer, the consumer, and law enforcement.

Brand security and authentication can secure your customer and distribution network, connect with consumers at the point of purchase and beyond, and increase revenue.

Technical Specification

Facestock Adhesive Liner Info/Graphics Service Temperature Range Minimum Application Temperature
4.3 mil Smooth White Paper 1.0 mil High-Performance Acrylic 50# Supercalendered Bleached Kraft Liner Full-color printing capability available -20°F to 220°F -35°F

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