What Is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is designed to minimize environmental impact and ecological footprint. It involves using eco-friendly materials and processes, such as recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable materials. This kind of packaging aims to reduce waste, conserve resources, and lower carbon emissions throughout the product’s lifecycle. It also focuses on efficient design, reducing the material used, and ensuring that packaging can be easily reused or recycled. The goal is to create a more sustainable product, minimizing impact, while still meeting the practical needs of packaging.

Sustainable Packaging Trends

Lately, we have been focusing much of our time on the trend of sustainable packaging and its relation to eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Unfortunately, we haven’t discussed what’s driving organizations to make these changes. Sure, we can use common sense and say that helping the environment is the main driving force, but that really isn’t true—at least not according to major players within the global packaging industry.

Pira Intl. ran a poll in which numerous big shots within the packaging industry answered the question; what has been driving the development of sustainable packaging? In the end, there were two main reasons why. According to the study, 79 percent of respondents said that consumer awareness of environmental problems and the advancement of new materials are the most important reasons for the sustainability packaging trend.

According to Pira Intl, for something to be defined as a “sustainable” package, they must produce growth that meets the needs of today, without neglecting future organizations of raw materials or eco-friendly quality to meet their own needs. Organizations are very aware that they need to start developing sustainable packaging to stay up-to-date with the trends of the present. While some organizations worry about costs of major packaging changes, others see this as an opportunity for competition amongst organizations within the packaging industry.

Organizations developing eco-friendly packaging materials are a pivotal aspect of the sustainability trend, but many organizations believe it’s more important to ensure the product is protected and sealed properly so it will not spoil.

Below is a list of bullet points which Pira Intl. believes are the main factors to consider:

  • Materials
  • Packaging waste minimization
  • Recycling
  • Energy use and transport overall
  • Reuse and source reduction
  • Biodegradability and composting
  • Waste-to-energy conversion
  • Retail and consumer value

Sustainable Packaging With Whitlam Group

As the trend toward sustainable packaging grows, staying informed and making responsible choices for your business is essential. If you’re ready to explore solutions, contact Whitlam Group today. Our experts help you find the perfect eco-friendly packaging options tailored to your needs. Reach out to us and join the movement towards a greener future.