Whitlam Group has the engineered emblem you are looking for!
These emblems showcase Whitlam Group’s unique capabilities, and were designed with materials that look sophisticated, and meet demanding Automotive, Heavy Truck, Agriculture, Power Sport, and Industrial applications.
Whitlam’s customized emblems are an economical alternative for current industry solutions related to emblems, badges, faceplates, and nameplates because we use engineered materials that meet the performance requirements specifically designed for products intended use.
The emblem’s design can include any or all of the following: letters, numbers, special shapes, or logos.
Our solution will compliment your product’s design and ensures the brand elements are evident throughout the life of the product.
Features include the following:

  • Emblem designed to complement the product and highlights product quality.
  • Economical alternative to current industry solutions.
  • Variety of material constructions for products that are exposed to harsh environments.
  • The raised profile helps your product stand out from the competition.
  • Material textures that offer a functional, or tactical feel, with a 3D appeal.
  • Each emblem uniquely printed for targeted personalization.
  • Easy application designs tailored to support your production process.
  • Exceptional registration to meet your Marketing’s stringent expectations.

Whitlam’s Emblem solution can be applied to a variety of products that would otherwise be challenging for current industry solutions, such as computers, machines, lawn equipment, power tools, automobiles, farm equipment, and much more.
If you are interested in putting an emblem on your product contact Whitlam today and we can help you get started!