Don Clifford

Don Clifford, a 30 plus year veteran of Whitlam Group, has been an integral part of Whitlam’s growth. In 1984, Don joined the Whitlam team of 31 employees. Starting in the IT department, he developed all of the necessary operational programs including accounting, purchasing, and inventory management. For many years he set the course of ongoing improvements to the homegrown ERP system to meet all internal and external requirements.

As technology began to evolve more quickly, his responsibilities ranged from development to analysis of software systems, telecommunications, and network infrastructure. Don was also responsible for ensuring all IT and accounting systems were tied together as part of a three-plant acquisition in late 2003.

Today he has become one of the final decision-makers on software and hardware systems, all CapEx requests for the organization, and associated budget establishment to meet the organization’s goals.    

With his prior experience and involvement, he now oversees the IT, Finance, and Human Resource departments and as CFO collaborates directly with the President and CEO on the strategic direction of the company.

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